What is PotCoin

PotCoin is the first blockchain based digital currency designed to facilitate and improve transactions anywhere in the world within the realm of the legalized cannabis industry. It seeks to eliminate hardships individuals and businesses still face when purchasing or selling legal cannabis, and aims to maximize privacy, speed and security. This truly decentralized and autonomous organization is powered by an enthusiastic and implicated community that strives to optimize the world’s ever growing cannabis industry.

How does PotCoin work?

It starts with a digital wallet where your PotCoins are stored. With this, you may send or receive coins anywhere in the world at any time. You do not need to go through a bank, your account can never be frozen, the transaction fees are extremely low and it circumvents the various dangers of having to physically carry cash on your person. All you need is an electronic device with your wallet address and people around the world can send you PotCoins instantly

Is PotCoin secure?

Absolutely. Being a blockchain based digital currency, all transactions are handled via thousands of users that continuously update a public ledger containing the history of all transactions that have ever been made. That ledger cannot be changed or corrupted. As long as you keep access to your PotCoin wallet private, no one can steal your funds.

Why does the value of PotCoin change?

As adoption of PotCoin grows, it is being constantly traded on exchanges. This makes it vulnerable to supply and demand (like a stock would for example) and it isn’t tethered to any other currency. It is free to grow and gain value in parallel to the expanding cannabis industry.

Why should I use PotCoin?

Being the first of its kind, PotCoin has and will continue to revolutionize how the cannabis industry deals with its ever growing clientele. It is fast, secure and it offers a convenient solution to the many financial and legal problems cannabis dispensaries and other cannabis related businesses are facing today. Since there is no middle man, your money belongs to you and PotCoin lets you transact with anyone without needing a bank or an ATM. Merchants around the world are adopting PotCoin as a payment option and, with such a dedicated community, that number will only keep growing.